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Active Lincolnshire is committed to providing opportunities for everyone in Lincolnshire to be active every day. We work with partners to address inequalities and inactivity, responding to the needs of people and places.

What we do

As advocates for the positive power that physical activity has on everyone’s lives, we work in partnership to improve understanding, influence change, and tackle the challenge of inactivity.

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Our Knowledge Hub is the core of our website. Here you’ll find our guidance, advice, insight and support in all areas of physical activity and sport.

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Want to get involved with us? We depend on your collaboration to create and influence meaningful change. Find out how you can help Lincolnshire move more.


We passionately believe that Lincolnshire should be a place where everyone has the opportunity to be physically active – every single day.

About Active Lincolnshire


As champions for the positive power that sports and physical activity have on the lives of people of all ages and abilities, we’re here to support you in getting people to be more active, more often.

Alongside our key partners, we work to address inequalities and inactivity across Lincolnshire. By identifying opportunities through audience-led engagement, research and insight, we deliver, lead, support, fund and connect according to the needs of local communities.

What we do...

Creating inclusive & accessible opportunities

Through local funding, guidance, support and training, we support physical activity providers to offer accessible opportunities to the people of Lincolnshire.

In sport & leisure

Supporting children to lead an active lifestyle

Active Lincolnshire works with schools to give every child the chance to discover the joy of physical activity – whether that’s through inclusive games, events or providing new equipment.

In education

Happier, healthier, stronger communities

By tackling inequalities and supporting active travel initiatives, we work with local authorities to make Lincolnshire a place where people can be active every single day.

In the community

Embedding physical activity in healthcare

Through social prescribing, pre-natal support and mental health programmes, we work with healthcare professionals to embed physical activity opportunities into the healthcare sector.

In health & wellbeing

Knowledge resources to support you

We’re here to make accessing the right information easy. That’s why we’ve curated all our guidance, insight and support into one handy Knowledge Hub.

Knowledge Hub

Lots of opportunities to get involved

Our work depends on collaboration. Find out how you can get involved with Active Lincolnshire through funding, jobs, volunteering, courses and events.

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Explore local and national data from our key partners.

Let's move logo

Let’s Move Lincolnshire is the countywide blueprint for a more active county. It’s a partnership open to everyone who believes in the positive power of being active.

During 2021 we’ll be reviewing the Let’s Move strategy as we recover from Covid and respond to Uniting the Movement.

For clubs and activity providers, we’ll be launching a new ‘Let’s Move Lincolnshire’ website with a club and activity finder. Find out more about the club and activity finder and how to open up your data in order to share your activity on the new website by following the link below.

Club & activity finder


A healthier Lincolnshire.

At Active Lincolnshire, we aim to create happier, healthier, stronger communities.

People & Places

A better quality of life.

Active Lincolnshire supports a whole system change approach to how we think, plan and embed options to be active across the health and wellbeing sector.

Health & Wellbeing

A more content workforce.

A prosperous, productive Lincolnshire requires a healthy workforce. That’s why we work with companies to promote physical activity and wellbeing at work.

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