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Wheels for Life Bike Donation Scheme supported by YMCA Lincolnshire

Wheels for Life Bike Donation Scheme supported by YMCA Lincolnshire

Wheels for Life is a new scheme for bike donation takes pre-loved bikes and brings them back to a usable condition for them to be gifted to people who do not have the opportunity to enjoy the varied benefits of owning and using a bike.

The scheme is encouraging people to search their garages and sheds for any unloved and unused bike that can be donated. It is recommended that bikes donated are adult and older children’s bikes in a useable and repairable condition. Hubs are now open and located around the county including Louth, Lincoln, Grantham, Skegness, Holbeach and North Hykeham where bikes are being gratefully received.

Each of the hub teams are working with referral partners around Lincolnshire who are involved in supporting people in the local area who need a bike free of charge through the scheme. People are encouraged to contact the referral partners through the website who will be available to chat about how a bike will help and if appropriate will refer people to the scheme and match them with an appropriate bike and accessories.

One of those partners is YMCA Lincolnshire and their Activity Coordinator, Stefan Stewart says,

‘’The Wheels for Life project is brilliant. I heard about something similar in Hull a few years ago and thought it would be great for Lincolnshire. To be able to offer people a decent working bike, who would otherwise be unable to afford one is really positive. The people who have benefited specifically through us working with Wheels for Life, are adults who have experienced homelessness and/or are residents in our Emergency & Supported Accommodation. Therefore we are truly seeing the impact it makes firsthand. Wheels for Life bikes opens up the opportunity for more people to get involved and get out in the fresh air, as well as a free way of getting around. It is well known that exercise is very beneficial for physical & mental health, so the more people we can encourage to get out on two wheels the better.’’

When the donated bikes arrive to their hub, they are repaired and fully serviced by volunteers to ensure that they have a long service life when they reach their new homes. The bikes will then be gifted to people across the county along with a cyclist starter kit.

A recent recipient of a Wheels for Life, through YMCA Lincolnshire told us,

‘’As a teenager I enjoyed mountain biking and did a lot of downhill riding. I suffer with anxiety and depression which can affect my motivation to get out and about, so when I heard about the Wheels for Life project, I was delighted to be referred and be one of the first recipients. Having a bike has enabled me to get around the City, enjoying the cycle routes, and also to attend hospital appointments, which means I do not have to rely on others to take me. Thank you to the campaign for getting me back in the saddle and giving me some independence.’’

Active Lincolnshire launched the new scheme to rehome unloved and unwanted bicycles, and to support people in transport poverty. The aim is to recycle 500 bikes in the first year of the campaign, which will have a huge impact on the environment saving 7.5 tons of waste every year.

Support the scheme

Have you a bike you wish to donate, or would you like to work with us to support the scheme? Find out more about location donation points, how to become a referral partner and more on our Wheels for Life pages.