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Funded Projects

Good Boost supports people with musculoskeletal conditions

Good Boost supports people with musculoskeletal conditions

Lincolnshire has a high population of adults who currently live with musculoskeletal conditions (MSK) and this is also being seen in expectant mothers. Managing joint pain and other health conditions, requires condition-specific and personalised programs of activity to help people move more and feel better. Good Boost sessions are now available in new Lincolnshire locations, to help people manage joint pain and other health conditions, thanks to a Together Fund grant.

Active Lincolnshire distributed £5090 of Sport England’s Together Fund, to Leisure SK in Grantham and Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex in Boston, allowing them to purchase the innovative Good Boost license which includes a full suite of water and land based MSK exercises, including aqua natal classes and tablets to use. Training was provided to familiarise venue staff with the exercises, and how to develop group classes to make them social when each participant is doing their own programme through their individual tablets.

Dan Lewis, Business Manager at Geoff Moulder told us about the water-based Good Boost workouts,

‘What sets this program apart is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) that guides and enhances people’s aqua workout. Participants begin by inputting their fitness goals, preferences, and any specific health considerations into the tablet, the AI then generates a customised workout plan that factor in the individual's needs, whether they're aiming for weight loss, muscle building, or rehabilitation.

"During the aqua workout, the AI serves as a digital coach, providing real-time feedback, adjusting exercise intensity, and ensuring proper form. This approach not only tailors the workout to the participant's current fitness level but also offers adaptability as their strength and endurance improve. It's like having a personal trainer in the water with you and it really is incredible that we can bring this to the centre.’’

Both centres have welcomed participants with MSK concerns, arthritis and fibromyalgia, and Leisure SK reported that they soon noticed key successes from the sessions in the health and wellbeing of the regular participants with those attending reporting a decrease in pain, an increase in mobility and in some cases a reduction in their daily medication. Providing tea and coffee after the sessions, participants had the chance to build relationships with each other and created their own support network that is still ongoing outside of the program.

Sue, one of the participants commented:

‘’I enjoy this class a lot. I began with simple activities and then introduced more demanding things I never imagined I could do, but I did. I am more confident about having a go at physical activities and have begun to do Pilates for seniors online which I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before.’’

The funding has also enabled both areas to have better connections to their local NHS practices and has improved awareness of opportunities amongst healthcare professionals and support workers. Bespoke sessions were created for the NHS to gain understanding and confidence in referring their patients to attend these sessions, and fully understand the benefits. This in turn has reduced waiting lists for other services such as the physio team.

Expectant mothers have also benefitted from the funded sessions, with Bump Boost Aqua Natal classes available in both areas, providing much needed suitable and accessible pregnancy friendly activities for local families. The classes support mums-to-be to exercise at their own pace, and are suitable all the way through pregnancy. Sessions can help with managing pregnancy-related musculoskeletal condition, and relieving aches and pains, as well as boosting general wellbeing.

Good Boost sessions were supported by the Together Fund, distributed by Active Lincolnshire on behalf of Sport England.

Sport England’s Together Fund existed to help reduce the negative impact of coronavirus and help community groups working with target audiences to grow and help more people. The Fund was a continuation of the Tackling Inequalities Fund that was set up in April 2020, as part of the support package to help the sport and physical activity sector through the Covid-19 crisis. £20 million of National Lottery funding committed to helping groups that were being disproportionally affected by the pandemic and was significantly impacting their ability to physically active. This included lower socio-economic groups, culturally diverse communities, disabled people and people with long-term health conditions. You can find out more about clubs and organisations that benefitted from the funding in Lincolnshire here.